BSIFX is a Forex brokerage specializing in providing a top tier trading experience for all clients interested in exploring financial markets.

Our investors are provided with the best financial tools in the industry promoting an environment that sets our traders up for success. Our platform boasts hundreds of underlying assets to trade including shares, currencies, commodities, indices, and CFDs as well. If you’re new to investing, we also provide educational tools including a trading academy where prospective day traders worldwide gather to learn the ins and outs of FX trading in a fun and educational environment.

Aside from the aforementioned advantages, we also provide:

One-on-one guidance from a professional financial analyst providing you with an expert perspective on imminent trends in money markets. Plus, they will help design and develop a trading strategy customized for your budget and fiscal needs.

Hundreds of securities to trade including currency pairs like the EUR/USD, shares of publicly traded companies like Tesla and Facebook, indices like the DOW and the S&P 500, and commodities like gold, oil, and silver. This wide range of underlying assets gives our traders an immense amount of flexibility in regards to portfolio diversification. It also allows clients to trade the securities that they like to follow the most.

Financial webinars giving our Forex traders some great insight and new knowledge with regards to what’s happening in money markets and how to capitalize on various economic events and trends.

A trading platform with a wealth of financial tools such as Bollinger bands and support/resistance lines allowing our traders to gain a unique edge while accessing the online exchange.

Forex trading app compatible with both Android and IOS devices. This allows you to trade on the go from anywhere and at any time.

24 HR customer support ensuring that any question, comment, or challenge that you may encounter when trading on our platform will be addressed in both a timely and professional manner. Our support staff is standing by ready to communicate with you via phone call, email, or live chat.

SSL encrypted security technology ensuring that all of your information is stored safely and securely.

Easy deposit procedure allowing you to fund your account using a wide array of payment methods

Fast withdrawal ensuring a smooth, immediate transaction upon request.

A Forex academy educating traders of all levels helping them execute trades better, smarter, and with high yielding results

Algorithmic trading -advanced software with an uncanny ability to predict market conditions giving you an edge on trading by just clicking a button and watching it generate speculative trades automatically

Social trading -a new social network giving you a sneak peek and the ability to literally copy the trades of some of the most successful investors in the financial community.

Signal Trader -a live feed alerting you to imminent price movements giving investors a unique edge with regards to staying ahead of the markets.

Multilingual correspondence – wherever you are in the world, we provide our services in all major languages including German, Russian, Arabic, Spanish, and Turkish.

In addition to providing the ultimate Forex trading experience, our dealing system is the most accommodating in the industry. That’s because we provide:

Tight ask/bid spreads allowing traders to buy low and sell high.

Commission-free trading ensuring that every penny of capital you invest is yours to keep.

The option to trade using our dealing desk or to use one of our various independent trading platforms giving you a great amount of flexibility while accommodating your trading strategy.

  • Live rates ensuring that what you see is what you get without any hidden fees.
  • Personal and completely confidential service.
  • Financial services custom-tailored to each client.
  • PC and mobile trading platforms providing direct unfettered access to the exchange.